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A truly unique celebration

We offer Corporate Events that reward your employess for their hard work, strengthen the relationship betweeen you and your clients, or events structured towards team building. 


Our coporate events can we done in a variety of ways. We can set up at a tennis club, with catering and drinks. We can start with tennis and then go off site to restaurant, day on the boat, or with health theme. We can combine with your company to organise charity days. Lastly we can organise a corporate event to coincide with a pro event during the month oj January


E-mail for more info.

" Luxury Tennis Retreats orgaised a terrific Corporate Tennis Day for me and 30 clients. A great afternoon of competition and drills. Was capped off with beers and anecdotes of life on the tour, For a differentiated client event, you can't go past Luxury Tennis Retreats."

 - Sandy; Investment Banker

The CorriLee Foundation is very proud to have a close association with Luxury Tennis Retreats & Corporate Events. 

Luxury Tennis Retreats has been working alongside The CorriLee Foundation,  producing charity and corporate events over the last couple of years.

Luxury Tennis Retreats always delivers wonderful and professional programs for our playing guests, and the positive feedback has been second to none.

Congratulations to Michael and his team at Luxury Tennis Retreats.

- Tanya Lee OAM

Founder of the CorriLee Foundation

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