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Welcome to Luxury Tennis Retreat's French Open Preview. French Open 2022 on the Men's side is a tale of 2 halves. We have brutal top half, and the wide open bottom half. The 3 favourites are Djokovic, Alcaraz, & Nadal ( in that order). Yes that's right Nadal, winner of THRITEEN French Open titles is 3rd favourite (More on that later)

While it is not a bold statement, I do not see the winner coming from outside those 3.

Djokovic is the favourite. He is a two-time champion in 2016 & 2021. 5 weeks ago, there is no way your would have given him a chance. He took a long time to find his high standards. But with every tournament, he has improved. He will be determined to prove his detractors wrong.

Potential Match Ups

Round 16- Dmitrov/Schwartzman: I don't see him troubled against wither of these guys

Qtrs- Nadal: I cant remember the last time these 2 would have met before the semi-finals

Predicted Finish: I see him losing to Nadal in Quarters

Nadal is the 3rd favourite. the 13-time champion is THRID FAVOURITE. I cant believe this. I know there has been a lot of talk of his foot injury. It is a congenital bone issue that was bad enough for him to be told to retire at 19. Luckily for tennis fans, he didn't. His clay court form has been below par for him this season. Everyone wants to point to him being on the decline, despite him being the last major win.

Nadal knows how to prepare for the French Open. Just look at the photo above, and there is one French Open title missing. I think Nadal should be equal favourite. I do want to see his early rounds to see if the foot is worse than maybe he is letting on.

Potential Match-Ups

Round 32- Botic Van De Zandschlup: I put this one up because BVDZ is a dangerous player with that lethal forehand

Round 16- Felix Auger-Aliassime: Felix has shown some good form

Quarters- Djokovic: These old foes should square up in Qtrs, and unless its a really cold day, I think he gets past Novak

Semis- Carlos Alcaraz: This will be match up of the tournament, It goes 5 sets. Who will win. I think it depends on how much energy Nadal spends in Quarters.

Predicted Finish: Semi-Finals

Carlos Alcaraz is the future of tennis. Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Murry are at the end of their careers, and that end may come quick. It's incredible they have been at the top this long. There are some great young players. Zverev, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Auger-Allisiame, Rublev, the list goes on. But Alcaraz is younger than all of them, and his game is more well-rounded, and mentally he seems to have it. When you look at him, you can see what a great role model must be for Spanish tennis. Alcaraz is modest, respectful, hard working, confident, hungry for success, and has a never-say-die attitude. Remind you of anyone?

Could this tournament where the baton is passed. I think he goes very close. I think we see a Nadal/Alcaraz semi-final, and think Alcaraz has the game to get past him.

Predicted Finish: Champion!!!

The bottom half of the draw is more open. There are a few standouts, and maybe a suprise will emerge from this side of the draw.


Stefanos Tsitsipas- This is the favourite for the bottom half. Clay is his favourite surface. He made the final last year. As long as he brings his best mentally, I see him being a finalist again.

Predicted Finish: Finalist

Daniil Medvedev- The world number 2 has largely avoided the Clay this season. He has gone on record with saying how much he hates the surface. That's hard to keep out of your head if you get off to a bad start. With the Wimbledon ban in place, this will be his last slam until US Open, so that might motivate him.

Predicted Finish: 3rd Round

Casper Ruud- Casper is entrenched in the top 10 now. That of course is no easy feat. And Clay is his favourite surface. He is hard to beat, as he is very solid from the back of court. You have to be prepared to be out there a long time. He has been improving his game, where now he can also win on over surfaces.

Predicted Finish: Semis


Botic Van De Zandschlup- I think he is one of the most dangerous players on tour, but he is searching for consistency. If he puts it together, has belief, he could knock off Nadal in 3rd round.

Alexander Zverev- The number 3 player in the world shouldn't be in this category. But combining his tough draw, and his inability to find consistency in slams puts him outside the top contenders. But, his game is top level. He will win a slam. I'm just not sure this will be the one.

Predicted Finish: Quarter-Finals

MioMir Kecmanovic- Another improving player, who has landed in a good part of the draw. I can see him getting to the Quarter-Finals, after getting past Medved

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